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Apr.17 2010

AMS Witness Reports For Midwest Fireball

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Here’s a map of the fireball observations reported to the The American Meteor Society. Over 150 people reported their sighting to the AMS. Thousands of reports have also been submitted to facebook and twitter.  Considering there were very nice radar returns and excellent video coverage and that multiple stones (i’ve heard 3) have already been found, the witness reports are far less important than in other falls. Its still interesting to see all of the reports plotted and how far this thing could be seen.

AMS Reports For Wisconsin Fireball

AMS Reports For Wisconsin Fireball

I’ve uploaded the Google Earth KMZ file for the AMS reports for the Wisconsin Meteor. To get this file to work you have to have Google Earth downloaded and installed on your computer. Once Google Earth is installed, simply download the link and it should automatically load up in Google Earth.


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  • Joe

    I collect rocks and several years ago, I found a rock charred black with a silver interior. No pits and don’t believe it to be of this earth. I have photos and would love to have someone tell me more. This rock is appr. 6 inches around and weighs in at 21.8 lbs.

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