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Sep.22 2011

NASA Satellite set to crash in the next 1-2 days.

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You’ve probably heard about this in the last week, but a very large NASA satellite is set to crash to Earth in the next day or two and it will could be a spectacular light show for those living near the end of the track. Here’s the official NASA page about the UARS satellite.

You can see the satellite in the sky now at certain times of day, but the time and place is dependent on your location. To figure out when and where to look, go to this site:


Follow these instructions:
1) From the main page, under ‘configuration’, press the link: “select from map”
2) Select your location from the map. Try to get as close to your real location as possible by hitting ‘zoom’.
3) Once your location is selected, press submit and get sent to the main page.
4) Now select the link under Satellites that reads “UARS”
5) This will show you all of the times over the next few days when the satellite will pass over. IF there are no clouds in the sky you should 100% CHECK THIS OUT at this time, cause no matter what it will be COOL, and you have the possibility to see it crash — which will be AMAZING!

If you see the satellite or see it crash, please write me and tell me about it. If you have a camera and tripod, set it up before the pass so you can catch it on film.

Good luck and clear skies!

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