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Jun.23 2011

U2 360 Concert in Baltimore

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The U2 360 concert was amazing. SPACE was one of the dominant themes. The show started with David Bowie’s Space Odyssey and ended with Elton John’s Rocket Man. At the beginning of the show they cut in video of an astronaut on the international space station. They cut in video of more astronauts at the end. The stage looked like a UFO. This show was all about space and in that way profound, especially for me.

Bono modestly pointed out that 8 million lives have been saved as a result of 2 programs that he has pioneered and we Americans have supported. That was pretty awesome. He called on everyone in attendance 80,000+ people to give back to the world. It was inspirational.

The concert started like an encore with lots of old time favorites belted out in the first 10 songs, including Pride and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. The music selection seemed to gravitate around the album Actung Baby which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. I think they played nearly every track on that CD. Bono was very proud of their influence on the politics of that time and the end of the Cold War. He said the album was in fact a celebration of the war’s end.

Bono thanked George Bush for assisting with efforts in Africa and did not utter the word Obama or pay any homage to our current leader. I thought this was interesting because in the first U2 concert I ever saw, (Zoo TV) he called the White House at every show until he finally got through to the President (Bush Senior).

The space tie in makes sense. This is our future. This is our evolutionary purpose. Only when we look on the Earth from space do we realize how petty and silly our current conflicts and differences are. Only by challenging ourselves to go beyond our own planet can we be elevated to a higher level of thought and existence.

Here’s a time lapse video of about 1400 pictures we took at the concert.

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