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Oct.29 2009

Alison Kruse Calibrated Photo

by , under Mason Dixon Meteor

In an effort to make minor improvements to the trajectory and search locations I have been spending a lot of time gathering more information about the original videos. I had contacted Alison Kruse and asked her if she could send me a copy of the original video as the only one that was every analyzed was the youtube version. Rob Matson was able to identify 3 stars plus Jupiter from the youtube version and the hope was we would be able to identify more stars in the HD/RAW version. Alison went to a lot of work to get me the video and I really appreciate it. In addition to meteors Alison has been filming some interesting phenomena in the skies east of Pittsburgh. Check out Alison’s UFO videos on her youtube channel SeeingUFOsPA. I recommend watching her UFO shooting laser beam movie.

After reviewing the high res version I was able to identify 2 new stars upping the total to 6. I talked to Rob and he said he thought he would be able to make some refinements with the new information. So thanks very much Alison the HD version of the video will definitely help narrow our search area.

Here is a single frame from the higher res version:

High Res Frame of Pittsburgh Meteor Video

High Res Frame of Pittsburgh Meteor Video

Essentially I broke out approximately 20 frames from the video. I then layered them in photoshop and stepped through each frame one at a time. On a separate layer I marked anything that looked like it could be a star. I then mapped the image to a star chart. While most of the dots I had tagged were hot pixels or distortion I was able to see two extra ones that were not visible in the youtube version.

Mapped Pittsburgh Frame

Mapped Pittsburgh Frame

I took the angle readings from the star chart myself and they are probably lacking accuracy for various reasons, however ‘the professionals’ will be creating an astrometric plate that will provide improved precision for these angles.

I’m waiting for this new version of the video to be analyzed, but my hope is it will make a slight improvement to the meteor path and ultimately the search locations.

Below is a map of Alison’s angles along with the York Water video angles. Its important to note that I measured these angles myself and they could be subject to a margin of error.

The color code for the lines in the map below are as follows: blue = entry point, green = first meteor position; yellow = last meteor position; red = meteor horizon point.

Blue = Entry point; Green = First Location; Yellow = Second Location; Red = Horizon Impact PointPittsburgh and York Videos Line of Sight Map

7 Comments for this entry

  • Russell

    great job! Thanks for posting this information up. It really will come in handy.

  • Mark

    That’s very nice of Alison to share her pictures with the rest of the sky watching community. You never know when that “meteorite” might turn out to be a different kind of visitor from the depths of space. :-)

  • John Public

    Very nice work, although this person from PA doesn’t agree with your educated analysis. Each time someone explains what she is seeing, she attacks that person, such as MUFON and other agencies. Because of this, her YouTube account has been suspended. It is a shame that someone would continue to mis-lead the American public with claims of “fake airplanes”, orbs and other labels she is attaching to her videos. She has become obsessed with calling airplanes and stars aliens from another world. It is very sad, actually, as many feel bad for her. I will pray for her again.

  • Joe

    Hi,Alison was suspended from youtube,does anybody know of another websight for her videos?

    Thanks Joe

  • Rick

    She’s still on YouYube using the back-up name, moreseeingufospa

  • david s

    Alison Kruse has not been misleading the American public. In fact, she’s been the victim of anonymous posters to youtube that have been smearing her. John Q. is probably one of them. Her phenomenon is real! You are spreading misinfo not Alison. Mufon has acknowledged this as well. Someone is using the Mufon name and logo to smear Alison so says Mark Easter Mufon’ s national director of PR. In at least one case this has been exposed to be someone affiliated with USAF. No surprise there I suppose!

  • juan villegas

    John public,anyone stupid enough to believe in an invisible sky guy with a big book that gives a toss about “prayers”has no right whatsoever to criticise anybody else’s beliefs,however strange.However, Alison is filming real,unexplained phenomena as you well know.That’s why you’re here,trying unsuccesfully to mislead the public.

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