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Jul.31 2009

Another PA Fireball Video Surfaces

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A new video of the PA Fireball has surfaced. That makes 3! The authenticity of this video has yet to be confirmed, but initial reports/analysis are looking positive.

Harmar Township NE of downtown Pittsburgh: Outdoor hi-res cam caught this FIREBALL (or UFO?) during the evening of July 5, 2009. Coming from NW to ESE.
Special Thanks to Dirk Ross for tracking down this new video and sending it to me!
Update: I have talked to the owner / creator of this video tape and she sounds for real. She is sending me pics of the location and a google map that shows the line of site. I will post it when I get it.
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  • Mark

    I doubt it’s a fake. The bright point to the right is probably Jupiter and the camera is aiming approximately to the East. This is a great resource as it indicates the entry angle of the meteor. But, ROUGHLY speaking, it seems to be traveling more from the south to the north. From this, you might guess that Mike’s telescopic picture of the meteor was taken before the meteor totally broke up and flared up (either that or Mike happened to snap a picture of just one large chunk that happened to split off from the main body). This looks like an excellent resource!

  • Dirk

    Perhaps a thank you for tracking down this latest tape and the shooter would be due?

    Thank you . Dirk Ross

  • Mike Hankey

    Absolutely. Thanks Dirk.

  • Alison Kruse

    it is definitely real footage. My surveillance cam caught it. I wish I’d marked down the start time of the tape, though, so I could give you the exact time. That is Jupiter in the shot. I had it pointed at that direction because of all the recent UFO sightings around here, usually traveling from that Turnpike direction. I’ve caught several UFOs with my HD Sony camcorder and uploaded them to Youtube channel name: seeingUFOsPA
    If you love space stuff, check them out.
    This fireball thing was a mere coincidence and a bonus!

  • Mike Hankey


    There is no doubt this is real. All of the experts confirmed this the first day we found the video. It is consistent with other sightings / recordings and has tremendously helped with the search efforts. Thanks for sharing.


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