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Jul.06 2009

Meteor Over Baltimore

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Meteor Over Baltimore July 6 2009

Meteor Over Baltimore July 6 2009

Last night I was taking long exposure shots of the andromeda galaxy. I set the camera to take 5×3 minute exposures and then went inside while the job was processing. While I was waiting I hear a large boom and my house shook. I dismissed it as possible fireworks or an earthquake but really didn’t know. The booom had woken up my neighbor and he was outside as well asking me if I heard or saw anything. I told him I did hear it but didn’t know what it was.

I quickly looked at my pics on the camera and saw this with very strange light trails but dismissed it as I was tired and didn’t think about it.

Then I hear about a meteor flying over baltimore today and looked at the picture again. This is definately the meteor and its a crazy picture.

If anyone is out there that wants to know more info about this picture or wants to get a hold of the hi-res file let me know. I sent it to some news stations today and it might be featured on the local news tonight.


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  • JoJo

    WTG, Hankey!

    Brilliant shot! Hey I saw you on the news last night, very cool. Should be the first of many more interviews to come. I’ve included a link of your interview on Baltimore’s WJZ News channel 13.


  • Kevin Ellis

    Hello, could you please let me know your location? The andromeda galaxy in the image would be a great reference point for the exact trajectory of the meteor given the location of your camera.

    Thanks, Kevin (Fallston MD)

  • admin

    Jojo, thanks for the link and praise.

    Kevin I’m in Freeland MD.



  • mfries

    Magnificent shot! That one is one in a million.

    Im afraid I’m not much of an astronomer – which way is north in this image, and is it E-W reversed as a consequence of looking up?

    Congrats on a beautiful piece of work! You can see the individual fragments separating from each other in flight.

  • Steve Arnold

    Mike, what a great shot. Congrats on snagging it. Can you email me? I have a couple questions I would like to ask you directly.

  • Kelly Beatty


    would like to (1) help you with trajectory and (2) repost your image on SkyandTelescope.com — please drop me an email: jkellybeatty@comcast.net

    clear skies,

  • Ruben Garcia


    My name is Ruben Garcia and I am a professional meteorite hunter in Arizona. We are attempting to triangulate the meteor and would like to talk with you about where you were when you took the picture. We already have 1 video but need at least 2 more sources. Please take a look at my website to see articles, videos, and pictures of us in the act- as we hunt for meteorites all over the USA.

    Please email me at [XXXXXXX] or call me at [XXX XXX XXXX]

  • Linda Keller

    I wonder if this is what I saw tonight.
    I live in Longview, Washington.
    About 11:10 pm I was facing Arcturus.
    About 3 finger widths to the left I saw a fire ball with a HUGE streak. It was visable for about 3.5 seconds.
    Whatever it was, I was thrilled to see it.
    Longview, Washington

  • RĂ´mulo Mafra

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone did!!! Congratulations!

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