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Aug.17 2009

Mobile Command Center?

by , under Mason Dixon Meteor

I got this picture from my wife today with the text:

“Mobile Meteor Headquarters?”

Mobile Meteor Headquarters

Mobile Meteor Headquarters

This was kind of a surprise. Thanks for the support honey! This should work, but we’ll need to paint it black and air brush a Darth Vadar on there :)


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  • Mark

    Remember that the meteor you seek has landed in Amish country. You might want to paint it black, put an orange triangle on the back, and rig it with a horse. We expect to see your wife sporting a bonnet any day now. And you’d better rub some Rogaine on the big baby face of yours – you’ve got some catching up to do! :-)

  • bill

    hey mike,
    i found something in my bird bath, turnned the water red. that was 4 years ago, still turns it red to this day. the rock found in it looks like one. its about 2 inches long

  • Mike Hankey

    I would try and fish it out. If its turning the water red it might be from Mars! Those go for $1,000+/gram. It might be a brick too. I would try and figure it out.

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