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Aug.21 2009

Red Zone Map

by , under Mason Dixon Meteor

Here is the map for the red zone.

Mason Dixon Meteor - Red Zone Map

Mason Dixon Meteor - Red Zone Map

The scarecrow in this map represents the 10g marker. It has been suggested that the best place to find meteorites would be inbetween the 10g and 100g markers (100g is in the orange zone). Meteorites in this size range (10g-100g) would be the most plentiful and therefor the easiest to find. These markers are only as good as the calculations which are estimates, so while it is suggested these are the ‘target areas’ there is a margin of error and in reality it could be a few clicks the other way. Contacting all land owners and searching all areas in all 5 of these zones and possibly more zones will be required. Unfortunately its not as easy as going to the exact location marked on a treasure map. Treasure maps are still fun though.

Red Zone - Sectors A, B, C

Red Zone - Sectors A, B, C

Red Zone - Sector D

Red Zone - Sector D

I will be in the search area Friday and Saturday, if you are interested in hunting together send me an email.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Jeff Torchia


    I have an array of tools at my fingertips with maps and public records since I am a realtor and a member of TRENDMLS. If I can be of assistance with names or property owners infomation, let me know.

    Any luck with the Air Force or Defense Department??

    I just bought my 1st meteorite from Geoff Notkin (received it today) to inspire me to help find the Mason Dixon meteorite.

    From all the information you gathered, does it look like we are looking for a monster or something much smaller. If it was a monster you would have thought someone would have heard or saw something??

    Happy hunting this weekend…I will let you know if I make it out to the drop zone.

    Jeff Torchia
    Coopersburg, PA

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