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Sep.05 2009

September 4th, 2009 Field Update

by , under Mason Dixon Meteor

Mike Gaines and Mike Hankey

Mike Gaines and Mike Hankey

I have had a very productive week on the meteor front. Numerous leads and contacts came in as a result of the Lancaster newspaper article, my mailing also was delivered to the farmers (I got confirmation of this today). I was in the field yesterday and today following up on leads, searching fields and talking to farmers, businesses and residents.  I started out early and met up with Jeff a fellow meteorite hunter from Northern PA. Jeff has been helping me out with a lot of stuff, we covered a lot of ground today and he taught me a few new things. Jeff took off around 4:00 and I drove about 7 minutes away from the primary search zone to do a second follow up on a new lead.

Here is that lead:

Mike, I was reading the Lancaster paper tonight and saw about the meteorite-I think this clears something up for me- I am in CLASSIFIED, Pa on the early morning of July 6th, I couldnt sleep and was watching tv- all the sudden I heard a huge bang right outside my 2nd story bedroom( scared the living outta me. I peeked out and didnt see anything, I thought at the time someone must have thrown a m-80 or something at my window-upon inspecting better in the morning there is a huge dent on the top of my patio roof with black splat marks, right underneath my bedroom window-it also left a couple holes. I looked around on the ground to see if I could see anything there, but now i will have to check a little harder, after seeing your pic in the paper. But I am sure now that is what it was, because my house does not have easy access to my back yard-Thanks for the article but I think you need to be looking north of intercourse-Jeane

I have seen a lot of evidence at Jeane’s house that suggests the meteor struck her roof. I will be publishing more details in the next couple of days. I have learned to not get too excited with things, but I really think this could be it.

On my way home I stopped by Mike Gaines house. Mike is the star eye witness for the Mason Dixon Meteor and lives 15 minutes away from the geometric impact point. Mike is hunting Saturday so I dropped off a box of fliers, a few rare earth magnets and a handful of NWA meteorites to hand out to children who live on the farms. Mike recently discovered the latest video of the meteor and I got to watch the high res version on his computer. It looks much better than the one on you tube. Mike showed me his porch where he witnessed the meteor and he pointed to the area of the sky where it was. Mike’s eye witness account is very interesting as he saw multiple objects in the sky after first seeing a very bright light. Hearing the story again and being there in person gave me chills. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the meteor search. I think we are close to the end of this story.


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