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Jul.24 2009

Lightning Over Atlantis

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Lightning Over Atlantis

Lightning Over Atlantis

We had two nights of thunderstorms while we were in the Bahamas. This was the first time I ever tried to photograph lightning and I got lucky. It was actually pretty easy to do. I setup the camera on the tripod and programmed it to do continuous shooting at ISO800. Each shot was an 8 second exposure so this gave me a continous stream of pictures. The lightning was happening every minute for a few hours. I took over 200-300 pictures and these two were the best. The night before I took this, I got a great picture of a huge lightning bolt, but the camera was way out of focus, I was so sad.. I hate it when that happens, but it was still a good learning experience. Atlantis Bahamas is an incredible place to go for vacation, its very expensive, but well worth it if you have cash you can afford to burn. Stay away from Nobu though, it was a let down and ridiculously priced.

Lightning Over Atlantis

Lightning Over Atlantis

I got this one over the water the same night. Pretty nifty. Shooting a lightning storm is definately a thrill. Its one of those split second things that happens and to be able to capture it permenatly is really cool. I will definately try and do this again the next time a good electric storm comes around. It helps to have a pretty background like the Caribian Sea or a billion dollar resort.

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  • josh

    Those photographs are awesome… did you manipulate the pics in any way? Much btter than the night sky in Ocean City, Md.

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