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Mar.20 2011

Sunflower Galaxy – Lightbuckets

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I’ve started looking into remote observatories recently. These are telescopes in far off dark places usually with optimal seeing conditions. The telescopes and cameras are all 100% computer automated and you can buy time on the scopes and do whatever you want. Here’s what I was able to do on my first run using LB0002 at Light Buckets Observatory.

Sunflower Galaxy - March 13, 2011

Here’s a close up of the galaxy at full resolution:

Sunflower Galaxy - March 13, 2011

Image Details
LB-0002 Rodeo, NM
8″ Newtonian Astrograph
30x30x30 RGB 40xL
Processed with CCDStack & Photoshop Elements


2 Comments for this entry

  • Mark

    Very interesting!
    About how many points did it cost to capture that image?
    Was it hard to learn how to use their system?

  • Mike

    The total image run was only about 70 points or so. You can get discounts on the scope rentals when they aren’t being used and I was able to capture this during a discount period.

    The system is very slick and very easy to use. You do have to have some basic understanding of astronomy and CCD imaging, and you need to understand how to process the RAW images and turn them into the final product, but the acquisition part of things is all point and click, well thought out and easy. The level of automation is quite amazing. You should check it out.

    Its a great solution for catching the transient comet or NEO.

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